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You have come to the right place if you are a publisher of any size; authors, self-publishers, multiple title, small, book, magazine, e-zine, newspaper, trade, directory, music, greeting cards & calendar, electronic (Internet), print-on-demand, e-book or books on CD seeking "media perils liability" insurance, sometimes known as publishers errors and omissions protection.


Book Publishers, with existing and planned titles, our unrivaled media perils publishers liability policy is the competitively priced answer. Please complete and electronically return our application (click on this light blue link) along with a copy of your standard publisher/author agreement, and we'll provide you with a media perils liability insurance proposal. Oh yes, if we cannot see your book catalogue at your website, please send us a copy in (pdf) formate.

You have everything to gain! Our proposal will either make you feel content with the insurance that you have or it will hopefully prompt you to consider our policy and excellent services.

Don't stop, please read on.

All other publishers.
Magazine, newspaper, internet or on-line, trade, directory, music, greeting cards and calendar, electronic (Internet), print-on-demand, CD ROM publishers please e-mail or call us at 925-462-8400 for the appropriate application if you do not find it having clicked on the applications link (on the top left). You'll not be disappointed!

Who are we and what to expect!
Our expertise in Intellectual Property Insurance is unparalleled by any insurance specialist, large or small, national, regional or local, quite plainly because; it's all that we do and have done for years; the graduate school of experience!

We are authorities in media insurance and we understand the language; "vetting," returns, imprints, ISBNs, publisher/author agreements, fair use, public domain and the like. Any insurance generalist simply cannot match our knowledge of this significant piece of your insurance protection.

Most importantly, look forward to kind, understanding, respectful and professional treatment; the way you would like to be treated. Expect prompt, expert help and service. No greetings that annoyingly offer 14 options none of which apply to you or your question. Instead reach me, Mike Mansel, Certified Insurance Counselor at 925-462-8400 or 888-347-2648. Or if you prefer and e-mail to mmansel@graniteins.com will achieve similar positive results.

What is media perils liability insurance and why is it needed?

What is media perils liability insurance?
Media perils or publishers liability insurance provides you with protection for the traditional claims like infringement of copyright, trademark, title, slogan or other misappropriation, libel, invasion of privacy or publicity, plagiarism, defamation including emotional distress, infringement of the right of privacy or publicity, outrage, and misappropriation of property rights, personal injury and contextual errors and omissions and much, much more. Coverage can be extended to provide claims that seek to impose liability of the author or publisher for physical injuries or economic loss allegedly caused by some flaw or negligent publication in the ideas or expressions contained in published material.

Why media perils liability is insurance needed?
Anyone who collects and shares information, or simply put "publishes" faces claims and the attendant, often staggering legal costs arising out of the gathering and communication of the information. The variety and number of claims and the size of settlements and verdicts against media organizations constantly increases; particularly because of on-line publishing.

Although First Amendment rights provide a first line of defense, the cost of lawyers (a lawyer specializing in Intellectual Property law is worth as much or more than $432 per billable hour), your time and effort and the potential of a settlement, for which there is typically no line item in your budget, makes the prospect of transferring the risk of such an event to an insurance company extremely worthwhile; hence media perils liability insurance providing insurance protection for negligent publishing or authoring.

What features does the policy have?
We offer a comprehensive or "all risk" perils, "occurrence form" policy, (not the dreaded "claims-made" version) and legal defense costs or attorney's fees are included. Limits of media perils liability are available from $500,000, $1,000,000 all the way up into the multiple millions of dollars. Punitive or exemplary damages are covered where insurable by law, and the policy territory is "universal," not just worldwide.

Don't ask – don't put it off! Just e-mail us your application and publisher/author agreement. You will likely qualify for the most competitive premiums, the broadest protection and the peace of mind that you will no longer have to worry about the arrival of a lawyer's menacing letter, and the resultant upheaval in your life.

But what is the cost or what is the premium for this protection likely to be?
It is generally not possible to predict the cost of media perils insurance. That is why we ask you to go through the application process.

However, some of the ingredients that go into the make up of the premium include:

The amount or limit of protection you select; the deductible you choose; the procedures you have for checking the accuracy and originality of content; your procedures for handling unsolicited ideas, manuscripts, photographs et cetera; title clearance procedures, number of titles, your experience in publishing, details of releases, permissions and consents, whether or not you consulted a media lawyer and of course the type(s) of book published.

Of course, if you have any questions, please e-mail mmansel@graniteins.com, or call us at 925-462-8400 ext 119.

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